Dutch dating simply means that each man and woman going on a date will have to pay for him or herself. This manner of dating is often the most excellent when both parties are new to each other, independent, or just friends.

Many people often like to go Dutch because they are not comfortable with someone else paying for them. This is common with women who are liberal or independent in their thinking.

It is common for both man and woman dating to practice Dutch dating when only one of them cannot pay for the joint expenses. They therefore share the cost of the dinner and any other activities chosen to do during the dating activities.

The two parties may also have an appointment to meet at a venue. Each individual therefore bear the transportation fare to the place.

Dutch dating creates a very comfortable environment which most people love at the beginning of a dating relationship because it is informal.

Some men and women are not just naturally comfortable with someone else paying for anything for them until they are well conversant with them better. More so paying for them makes them feel they owe the other party anything.

Dutch dating allows the date to go in a successful manner without the feelings of being ‘owed’. In addition, many women understand the expenses associated with dating and don’t believe it is fair that the gentleman should pay for everything, especially if the two go to an expensive restaurant and do something even more expensive later.

You can find Dutch dating among people who are not happy with someone else spending money on them. It is just a natural thing for some people to be more contented when they bear the cost of their own spending rather than someone bearing it for them.

There are a lot of open-minded and independent women who are very proud who prefer to pay their own way also. If you date such you better go Dutch dating. This creates a comfortable atmosphere because no one feels like they owe him or her for anything later.

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