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Computer repair Toronto will help with all your computer needs. Have you seen a recent investigative report on computer repair centers? It was a very popular news report that was shown in many areas.

The news reporter had a computer tech remove key codes from her laptop system to cause the computer to malfunction. The changes to the system were very easy to detect. But as long as the key codes were not restored, the computer screen read that the system was not able to function.

The laptop was essentially inoperable until the key codes were restored. For the computer technician familiar with the problem, it would take less than thirty seconds to repair according to the station’s computer expert. The reporter took her computer to the first repair center.

She was told there that the diagnostic fee was $70 and that she needed to leave her computer for three days. After three days she had not heard back. She went to the store to find out the progress of the repair.

She called back and was told to come in to discuss the situation. She was told that her hard drive had crashed and it would cost $130 to repair. She took the computer to the second repair store. She was charged $75 for a diagnostic test.

Again, the repair store person did not ask very many questions. After three days she was asked to come into the store. She was told that the system needed to be replaced. This would cost $140 to repair. She took it to the third store.

It was a different story at the third store. There the computer tech spend twenty minutes with the reporter. He asked many questions while trying to figure out the problem. He charged $74 for the diagnostic check. But after two days, he called her and told her he fixed the problem.

One way to find the right store is to spend time in each repair center you are considering taking your unit to. Does the store owner spend time with each customer, or does he simply take the computer and tell the customer to come back in a few days?

The bottom line, take your computer to a store you can trust. Beware of a repair center that will make up problems, or not find the problem that exists on your system. But you can take steps to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

You should have your computer cleaned on a regular basis. Your computer housing has to be cleaned on a regular basis. You would be surprised to see all the dirt and dust in your computer if you would remove the protective panel. Do not remove it however. You should work on your own computer without the proper training. You might be tempted to clean it.

Do not try to clean it yourself however. Your computer is made up of sensitive components that are easily damaged. Have an experienced computer tech clean your unit. Do the proper research to find the right computer repair store for all your system needs. You will be glad you did.

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