Complete Your X10 Purchase With These Sony Ericsson Accessories

Just as there are many features offered by the Xperia X10, there are just as many accessories to accompany it. To start with, you have the option of choosing from five different types of Bluetooth Hands free accessories. However, each varies a bit from the other. There is even a backup battery solar charger you can place on your dashboards so you you can always be charged no matter where you are. Xperia X10 also have a variety of pouches, skins, and other Bluetooth headset extras to make this a great fit for anyone.

Sony’s Xperia X10 is also compatible with the Jabra Cruiser, which is an in-car speakerphone that utilizes the X10’s bluetooth capabilities, in addition to being the first dual microphone speakerphone to hit the market. This Bluetooth device makes use of your car’s speakers for in-car hands-free phone use, it cuts out background noise and works incredibly well. With this system you will be told who is calling by a voice announcement, the device comes with instructions that are simple and quick to learn. You can even stream music right from your phone into a home sound system or your car. The Jabra is capable of handling multiple connections so you’re able to connect and use two devices with it at the same time. Although the price on the Jabra starts around $99, you may be able to locate it at a lower price on some of the online shopping sites.

If the Jabra is not for you then perhaps you would like the Parrot Mki9200, which is a hands free set for the car. This system has to be installed and will provide you with music as well as letting you make calls. The wireless remote can be attached to the steering wheel, or it can sit easily on your dashboard, and looks a lot like a GPS system. It has voice recognition technology so you don’t need to fumble for your phone in order to call, end calls, switch lines, mute or anything else. All you need to do is give a voice command. The Parrot system’s advanced capabilities allow you to utilize both your phonebook contacts and call records so you can easily find the number you’re looking for. With the use of the integrated bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to enjoy this wireless experience. As for the music listening functions, you can hook your iPod or other MP3 and music devices right up to your car speakers. The songs titles will be displayed on screen so that you know what song is playing. The Parrot system is priced at $299.95.

Another option is the BlueAction Bluetooth hands free kit, it can be attached to your visor and you will be informed of incoming calls in illuminated text at the edge of the device. With just one touch you are able to receive or disconnect from calls. You can even opt to use either your speaker phone or the headset for privacy. The BlueAction starts at $99.

If you prefer a more portable experience, then the Rearview Mirror Car Kit, or BlueAction Bluetooth Portable is the best option to go with. This speakerphone can be used anywhere at anytime. Each system also has noise cancellation technology that helps get rid of echoes and other noise which will give you a clearer connection when you’re on a call. It is easily clipped onto your jacket or visor, with a low profile design to make it incredibly portable. A charging unit for it is available that allows you to use it in the car or your home, they’re priced $54 and $99 respectively.

Besides hands-free units and Bluetooth headsets, there are many other Sony Ericsson Accessories for the Xperia X10, all of which can enhance your cellphone use. You best bet for the best prices is the internet as there is a constant stream of special deals and sales year round. You’ll find just what you’re looking for to use with your phone.

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