Complement Your Current Nautical Decoration Using Model Ships

There are many gifts that you can offer friends as thanks, to celebrate an occasion, or just because they are who they are. The term nautical decor means the item has a maritime theme. You will be surprised as to the assortment available. If you are a collector there are many different items to choose from.

You can add a bit of ocean to any space when you chose one of these articles. In your home or office you can put them on display to be enjoyed. The nautical interest may be model ships. They now are using museum quality wood for these true works of art. The models are elaborately handcrafted for durability as the real ships were. There is a base of beautiful marble that your model rests on.

There are so many ships to choose from such as the USS Constitution or a reproduction of the Titanic. You could place these in a very special area for everyone to see. Models of the tall ships with stunning sails or the celebrated Mayflower would also warrant a place of honor. The fireplace mantle would look wonderful with the H. M. S. Bounty or, if you were a fan of Columbus, then the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria are perfect. Mississippi riverboats are reminders of an exciting era and so too are the Chinese Junks or Sampan fishing boats.

If you like adventure then you may want to purchase a Caribbean pirate model for yourself. You can choose from a model of a generic pirate ship or the Flying Dutchman. You may be interested in having a model of the ship that belonged to Captain Kidd or Calico Jack to add to your nautical decoration.

Models of Viking ships with their dragon heads and red and white sails, the Bluenose fishing schooner, and clippers are all available for purchase. In addition to models with historical backgrounds you can find ships of today. Your friends may be interested in receiving something more recent.

A very famous event is the America Cup, which has its own series. Included in this series are the Ranger, the Defender, the Enterprise, and the Columbia. Any fan of the America Cup would certainly appreciate receiving one of these.

Other modern day boats would be lobster boats, dories, whalers, fishing boats, and yachts. There are also models of speedboats and cruisers. The Coast Guard are also represented with cutters and icebreakers. The Trident or Los Angeles submarine would be a valued gift as would be the model of the USS Nimitz or the USS Harry S. Truman.

If model ships are not what you were looking for as a gift or for your collection then you have an incredible variety of other choices. There are many different bells that you can buy such as a lanyard bell, cast brass bells, or anchor bells. The figureheads of ships were originally important to ensure a safe journey and to calm the Gods. Reproductions of these come in many forms such as an Indian princess, a Polynesian maiden, and we cannot forget the ever-popular mermaid. These could certainly enhance your model ship collection.

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