Compare Both Diameter And Weight When Buying Diamonds

Buying a diamond is a major financial endeavor for most couples. Few have any real experience buying fine jewelry and are learning on the job. While the concept of diamond grading appears simple it takes experience to know a real value and even know if the stone as good as it should.

Most retail jewelry stores have to keep a close eye on profit s and selling prices. They need to cover operating cost and keet the jewelry in a range that fits their market. This means the selling price of a diamond can vary everywhere you shop even if the diamonds are the same. Unlike most products that can be compared by model numbers each and every diamond is unique. this is what makes buying a diamond hard for most engaged couples.

A diamonds value can be broken down to the weight, color, clarity and quality of the cut. Large diamonds, cost more money as do higher carity and better cut. Next you have the most wanted sizes, which also add to the price. For example a three quarter diamond is more prestigious than a .69ct so it can be sold for a much higher price even though the two may appear to be thesame diameter. Same with the .94ct and 1.00ct stones. If you want to say you purchased a 1.00ct you will pay for the privilege.

Since retailers know the public wants that 1.00ct weight many diamonds are cut for weight and not quality. This is why some 1.00ct diamonds measure 6.00mm and look like a 3/4ct but are deep and heavy. If you buy a 1.00ct, 2.00ct or even a 3.00ct them at least get one that looks the correct size to the eye.

If buying a round diamond make sure the diameter is correct. A 3/4cy should be around 5.9mm and a 1.00ct close to 6.4mm. A 6.00mm that weighs 1.00ct is never a good stone. Also check the depth found on a GIA grading report. It should be around 61-62% for a well cut stone. The gurdle and vary but look for a thin to medium thickness.

After buying the your diamond you may want to have it mounted. A great choice would be a platinum head mounted on top of a Uk marriage visa platinum wedding band. This is a great combination for both beauty and quality. You may also want to purchase a matching Uk marriage visa platinum wedding band for his ring.

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