Common SEO Link Building Mistakes That Fail SEO

Link building has grown significantly in importance in Search Engine Optimization. You can trade links, as well as purchase and sell them, though it is not something you openly do, and in many cases, if found out you can get your website removed. So, it’s vital that you build the proper links as well as choose the right ones, because it can get expensive, and you want only links that will benefit your website. An SEO Consultant will be able to find the right links that need to be put on your website.

Though not really the best white hat technique, exchanges of links are still accepted by search engines. You can also purchase backlinks, however, that’s not really an approved technique, and if you use it, make sure that you spend your money well, and that it’s not obvious. Most importantly, make sure that you review the webmaster before paying them money for backlinks, as they can remove your link or not put it up at all after the payment is made, or the link may have a “no follow” attribute. Check your links regularly, especially if you paid money for them.

Another important part of a backlink is the anchor text. This is the text that you click on that takes you to your website. It’s important that the anchor text has keywords, and not something random or along the lines of “Click Me”. If there are no keywords, then it’s a pointless backlink. There are different tools out there that can help you with this as it will take a while to review, look for backlink anchor text analyzers.

When reviewing your backlinks make sure that none have images leading to your website, as web crawlers cannot read images. Even if the image is very attractive and attracts a lot of attention, it will do nothing for you in regards to SEO. Make sure that you contact the host of the backlink and have them add anchor text or description of the image with keywords in order to get any changes in your ranking.

It’s great to have many links, both inbound and outbound, however, they must be relevant. Along with the relevance, make sure that you keep your outbound links less than 100 per page, or else it will look like spamming. Make sure that especially if you are paying for a link that it’s relevant to your website. If it’s not relevant to your website, web crawlers won’t use it to rank. Also, many websites that offer backlinks for money often have no relevance to your website, plus have long lists of links that are unrelated. The only time that this is accepted is by using directories, as they are more organized.

If you can find relevant websites that don’t have lists of links, or in general, the least amount of links on their pages, the better. This is important because if you have a backlink on a website and there are a few other links on that page your link looks more important, especially if good keywords are used. Again, the only time its accepted to have your link in a list of other links is in a directory as they organize all of their links carefully, plus, in most cases unpaid links have a “no follow” attribute, which means if you pay for your link to be on their website, then yours will be of the few, therefore increasing your links importance.

A backlink has a stronger effect if it’s the only one on a page. The more the links are on the page, the less important your link looks. In the case of back linking from a directory there are many links listed, however, many of the links a have a “no follow “attribute, and the links that have paid actually continue onto the page. So, if you find out that you must pay in order to get a working link in a directory pay it, and that way you don’t have to worry about competing with the rest of the links, as there will be few per page that actually go through. Going back to the more the better, however, only if the links are relevant, bad neighbors are not considered relevant. Linking to bad neighbors, which are basically links with bad reputation with search engines, or use black hat methods, will not only be a waste of time and money, but can also drop your rating drastically. Make sure that you review your neighbors regularly, as it’s also possible that a good neighbor turns bad over time.

It’s important to keep in mind that yes, the more the better when it comes to links, however, make sure that they are relevant links and that they aren’t to or from bad neighbors. For good Search Engine Optimization, make sure to research all of the links you put on your website, as well as any backlinks you are trying to get, especially if you are going to be paying for them. Find a professional SEO Consultant that has been in the business for a while, as they will be more knowledgeable and have more contacts to different relevant websites that you can get backlinks to.

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