Common Problems With Old Wooden Sash Windows Can Sometimes Be Fixed

Rotting wood or cords are some of the most Common problems with old wooden sash windows. Depending on the condition of the window, and the extent of the problem, they can sometimes be fixed. Other times, they must be completely replaced. Sometimes this is the result of inferior quality wood, poor care, or infrequent painting.

Often chipping and peeling paint will be present. It many cases this can be easily repaired. This is a simple matter of scraping the remaining dried paint, repainting, and sealing it. It is always a wise idea to have any peeling or chipping paint tested for lead, as this is quite commonly found in older UN-renovated homes which have this type of window. Newer homes do not contain lead, but it often can be found in those built before the nineteen sixties.

We have all seen the horror of windows which have been improperly painted. Some no longer open, or may stick. Some look terrible because the windows have been forced open or shut, tearing the paint in the process. It is far better to take the time to do a good job the first time, rather than having the need to redo the job, or live with a mess.

Another big problem is draughts and rattling. Because the glass is generally held in place with a putty which shrinks, becomes dry, and deteriorates over the years, the panes become loose, and allow air into a room. Rattling will also be noticed on windier days. Regular checking and upkeep should be practiced. People would be wise to include this on their spring cleaning list.

Slipping windows are usually caused by rotted cords. This can become quite dangerous, and should be fixed before the windows are opened. Otherwise, someone may be injured.

Most homeowner’s will agree that keeping the homes original integrity is a fantastic idea. It is however important to understand that most older homes may include some Common problems with old wooden sash windows.

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