Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

The cleaning of your business and office premises everyday is referred by the term commercial cleaning. All these places have a lot of public movement and can be referred as a public places too. When there are more people in a place then there will be dirt and dust everywhere and the place would soon become dirty. By cleaning it in regular intervals you can give your office a fresh and clean appearance. People are generally fond of clean places and this would have a good effect on how they view your business.

A commercial cleaning company does commercial cleaning on a large scale. Such a commercial cleaning company not only provides the labor and the labor involved, the company also supplies the cleaning material including soap and brush for the job.

The people who take care of a building’s maintenance are called janitors. The term is synonymous to gatekeeper or doorman as per dictionary, yet the overall maintenance and cleaning of hospitals and hotels fall under the janitorial cleaners’ responsibility.

There are prescribed laws and legislation about the usage of janitorial cleaners. They must all be of the minimum stipulated age, be adequately trained to do the job and must have complete medical and insurance coverage provided to them by their employers.

The law stipulating their hours of work and the minimum wages to be paid are to be strictly followed. There are licensed janitorial cleaners who are in the job of providing all janitorial assistance. Though there is no scope of availing of cheap janitorial services from unlicensed service providers, there are hefty legal penalties applicable if such service providers are used.

A company which helps in providing you the janitorial assistance for your entire building is termed as a janitorial company. If you incur any loss or damage because of the fact that the cleaning activity was not carried out rightly, then the costs, both medical and legal, would be borne by the janitorial company. The Janitorial cleaners are specialists who help in keeping your premises clean and are experts in their field.

There are also companies which offer cleaning services on the basis of a contract and they are called as contract cleaning firms. They provide both the cleaning materials and labor every day. The laws are the same for the companies which work on contract cleaning too.

Generally, building owners and operators require the cleaning work to be completed before business hours begin and after business hours come to an end. Cleaning work should not come in the way of normal business operation too.

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