Collectors Love The Reverse Jam Sneakers

What basketball fan does not love the classic movie, White Men Can’t Jump. Sidney Dean and Billy Hoyle are two mismatched partners making extra money playing basketball on the courts in California.

The ever popular Reebok Reverse Jam Sneakers were worn by Billy Hoyle in the movie. Today, these shoes are available from Reebok again. You can choose from two color styles, a black and white combo with a purple tongue or a mostly white with black trim on the sides. A speckled mid sole is featured on both styles of shoe.

These shoes were originally made to be basketball shoes, and that is what most people wore them for in the 1990’s. Today, they have come out more as a retro shoe for collectors to purchase, but they still do have some function as a basketball shoe. For people that aren’t comfortable in the more advanced basketball shoes of today, these could be a perfect fit. They have a very simple design with a solid sole and good support through the ankle. The one thing the Reverse Jam doesn’t have is a lot of added comfort throughout the shoe.

Most basketball shoes made today have used advancements in technology to make them lighter, more supportive and more comfortable. The Reverse Jam stays true to the 1990’s design, so they might not be the most comfortable shoe to wear going up and down the court for people that are used to a more modern feel. They do have a great look, however, and make a great shoe for everyday use because of their retro feel.

The growing popularity of the two shoes mentioned earlier encouraged Reebok to produce more color options for the Reverse Jam. If you are looking for hard core basketball shoes than these shoes probably aren’t the best choice for you. However as a fashion statement these shoes are a hit with basketball players and fans alike. You won’t find a better pair of shoes that matches the retro feel and flavor of the Revers Jam sneakers.

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