The average adult consumer drinks numerous cups of coffee daily, and depend on them to provide the caffeine to get through the day. But, when looking for a coffee machine, you are faced with a variety of decisions like the style and type. Depending on your daily coffee consumption and how much coffee you drink, you should find the best style to fit your needs and budget.

There are many different types of coffee machines, from the old-fashioned French press, to the one-cup coffee maker, or the set-it-and-forget-it type, to the new pod coffee makers, or maybe even an espresso machine for your home. Your needs and your coffee drinking habits can help you determine which one will be right for you.

The French press is the most basic coffee machine on the market. It has been around for years and will give you some good quality, strong coffee. This coffee maker shouldn’t be used for decaf lovers, it’s meant to provide a cup of coffee that packs a punch. Simple to use, put the grounds in, add the hot water, stir with a wooden stick or spoon, and let it steep. It is crucial to make sure you use wood, not metal to stir it with so you don’t ruin a good cup of coffee with a metallic taste. Once it’s steeped, simply push down on the press, slowly and evenly, you’ve made a great cup of coffee with no electricity required, just boiling water.

Another simple version is the one-cup coffee maker. The perfect tool for any college student or bachelor, this machine does require electricity, and is a little more complex than your French press. When you’re running around in the morning, pop your travel mug under the spout, throw in the grounds and water, and when you’re ready to head out the door you’ll have 20 ounces of pure Heaven to get you through the morning. These coffee machines are perfect for your minimal coffee drinker and are priced right.

For those of you pulling all-nighters, with two or three kids at home, or suffering from severe caffeine addiction issues, the best coffee machine for you is probably the set-it-and-forget-it type. These machines come in many variations and sizes, so depending on the amount of coffee you consume a day pick one that sizes to you. These machines are no-fuss, and can make your early mornings better. The best optional feature is that you can find one that has a built-in grinder. So, all you have to do is buy your coffee beans, put the serving amount in the back of the machine, fill it with water, and set the timer. You’ll wake up to something besides your obnoxious alarm clock: fresh-made, aromatic coffee.

Another popular option is the pod coffee maker. These coffee machines don’t use the standard coffee in the bag; they use prepackaged pods that come in a variety of types and flavors from decaf to flavors to espresso. The pod machines are great because they are no-mess, and they give everyone an option of what to drink. So, if you have a decaf drinker and a caffeinated drinker, there is no need to make two pots anymore. Brew the first pod, throw it out, stick the next pod in and you’ve solved everyone’s coffee needs. These machines do tend to be a bit pricier than your standard coffee maker, and the pods are a little more expensive than buying the bulk, ground coffee.

When these choices still don’t offer enough of a punch, there is a household espresso maker available. These coffee machines have simple options, but also have designer coffee makers that can cost over a thousand dollars. These machines tend to be complicated, and hard to understand, and with the high price tag, you may find it to be easier and more cost efficient to become good friends with the barista down the street.

There are a variety of coffee machines to meet every person’s different preference and pleasure. So, if you’re in the market for a new coffee maker, take a look at your options and analyze your coffee needs. Find the fit for you and your home, and enjoy that great, aromatic, flavorful cup of coffee. Having the best coffee maker for you will make that cup taste even better!

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