Cleaning Business For Individuals Who Want To Begin Their Own Business

Does being your own boss while making money owning your own cleaning business sound good? The start up costs are pretty low, and you can basically set your own hours while satisfying your customers.

Cleaning is a household routine that many folks do not like at all. For working adults who are parents or have pets to look after may not have the free time necessary to maintain a clean home over the course of a week.

Operating your cleaning business will require you to handle most cleaning that a normal home would need. Expect to vacuum, dust, mop and do dishes. You can easily find yourself taking out the garbage and doing laundry in addition to washing windows. Basically, any normal cleaning is the service you can provide.

As you are starting you build your new business, advertising will be a big part of getting your first customers. Start with friends and family and see how well word of mouth can help you grow. Also consider making signs or else passing out business cards.

Social networking is a big way to share information about your business as well as get new customers. Once you developed some contacts, you can start to schedule appointments to talk about price, responsibilities and options.

Create a contract once you agree to begin to work with a customer. This will protect both of you while reducing confusion as the job progresses.

When deciding on how to price your services, choose between charging by the hour or by the job. Additionally, price should reflect the cost of supplies. Determine if you need to bring supplies with you or if they will be kept in the home.

Never forget that one of the most important things is being trustworthy and letting the customer get to know you. You are in their home, and the more they trust you, the happier and hopefully longer your relationship will be.

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