Classroom Storage That Makes Learning Fun

One of the main goals of any teacher is an organized classroom. Time management and classroom management are both affected by how organized or unorganized a classroom is. To get the most out of every day, teachers need a place for everything that they use on a daily basis and those items that they use periodically throughout the year. Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Teachers can get students involved by having classroom storage that makes learning fun.

Cubbies For Student Belongings

Cubbies are one of the most popular ways to keep a classroom organized. Having a labeled cubby for each student gives them their own area where they can store their items and where teachers can put any work, projects, or notes that need to go home. It is easy to involve students in putting away their items or a classmate’s items. This is a fun way for students to learn each other’s names and to learn to be responsible in the classroom.

Storage For Classroom Supplies

Many cubbies, such as the 10 Tray Mobile Storage Unit, come with removable plastic drawers. This is a good way to store manipulatives such as snap blocks, plastic material letters, or counters that are used on a regular basis within the classroom. For students who are still learning to read, each plastic draw can be labeled with a picture of the item that is inside. Students will love being called on to retrieve an item for the teacher or a classmate.

Another fun way to use cubbies is to store art supplies. Items such as construction paper, markers, crayons, paintbrushes, and smocks can be stored in separate cubbies. Students can get items out as needed. This can be a fun way to organize and to teach students how to be responsible for their classroom.

Book Displays

Book displays are another fun way to help students learn and to keep the classroom organized. Most classrooms have numerous books that are open to students during quiet reading time, for book reports, or free time. Keeping these books organized makes it far easier for students to choose the books that interest them.

Book displays give teachers a way to show books so that students can very easily find what interests them. A good display angle the books so cover pictures and titles are visible, rather than just spines. They also make it easy for students to be responsible for organizing books and returning books to the proper place.

Portable Storage

For items that are used on a ordinary basis, a portable storage option is the way to go. Cubbies such as the See, Store, and Take-Along Storage Cart are removable and come with lids that have handles. These types of storage cubbies can be retrieved and carried by students giving them a since of pride. Items will be organized and easily accessible when they are needed.

These are just some of the numerous ways that classroom storage makes learning fun. Involving students in the organization of the classroom will give them a since of pride and will give teachers the time they need to concentrate on teaching.

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