CityAirbus NextGen-an all-electric airmobile concept from Airbus

On September 21, 2021, in Toulouse, Airbus announced plans to create an all-electric CityAirbus NextGen aircar. The prototype is equipped with fixed wings, a V-shaped tail and 8 electric propellers. The aircraft is being developed to transport 4 passengers at a distance of up to 80 km with a cruising speed of 120 km / h. The first flight is scheduled for 2023.
The CityAirbus design does not require turning or tilting the surfaces during the transition from hovering to cruising flight. The airmobile has zero emissions and is quite quiet compared to aircraft powered by hydrocarbon fuel. Thanks to the noise-absorbing design, the noise level is 65 dB during flight and less than 70 dB during landing. This circumstance makes it applicable for operation in an urban environment.
CityAirbus together with a similar development-the Vahana model (pictured below) conducted 242 flight and ground tests and flew a total of about 1000 km.
CityAirbus NextGen complies with industry-accepted standards (EASA SC-VTOL Enhanced Category) and is currently at the final stage of completion. The vehicle is expected to be certified in 2025.

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