The first software created by Cisco founders Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, was made to help the married Stanford engineers communicate. Going to on to establish their own company, they revolutionised computer science, literally building the next generation of technology with their own hands. Since those early days in a San Francisco living room in the 80’s, Cisco Routers have become the most widely used and trusted in the world.

Two other Stanford colleagues joined them and together they left Stanford to hand build and test prototypes in a living room in California. Within a few short years they had developed their first commercial model. With a little business help, the factory went into overdrive creating leading technology that connected incompatible systems.

Their first router, the multi-protocol, was a combination of hardware and software that paved the way for the distinct features boasted by today’s routers; concurrent, voice and video data sharing, wireless services and video conferencing. Now, nearly all of the internet traffic worldwide is processed via Cisco Routers and switches. And with bespoke routers developed for SMEs and home networks, these capabilities are available to everyone.

Fundamentally a communications company, Cisco Routers include distinct features such as concurrent, voice and video data sharing and wireless services. With special routers developed for SMEs and home networks, the technology that powers the world’s businesses is now available to everyone. Their prominence is testament to an excellent reputation forged through the collaboration of The Valley’s finest architects.

Each new model multiplies the capabilities of the last and today the innovations continue. Developers at Cisco recently wired up a bank of routers capable of transmitting the entire contents of The Library of Congress in seconds. The latest models facilitate intelligent networks that understand location and are capable of mass video conferencing. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, Cisco has become the trusted provider for millions of people, whether they know it, or not.

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