If your patio doesn’t have a roof over it, you know that it makes it next to impossible to sit outside during hot days with the sun beating down on you, you will be miserable. One way that you can still enjoy your patio is to use a patio umbrella.

There are many different styles and designs of umbrella to choose form and you will be able to find one that has the design and style that suits your lifestyle.

You can choose from different types of umbrellas for your patio. There are umbrellas that will fit in the center of the table, many outdoor tables has an opening especially just for umbrellas. This will keep shade at the table when you don’t want to sit in the sunlight. You can control when you want the shade simply by opening and closing the umbrella during the day.

What size of umbrella should you get? You will want an umbrella that will shade the whole table. So from the center of the table, measure to the end of the table, then adds about 4 feet to it, so that it will cover the whole table and seating area. You will want to make sure that the seating area is shaded when the umbrella is opened so always take that into consideration when measuring it.

Deciding on metal or wood frame is done by your personal choice. If your patio furniture is wood, you may wish to choose a wooden umbrella. Which ever you feel will blend in with your patio furniture would be which one you choose.

With the metal frame umbrella you may be able to use a push button that you can open and close the umbrella with one push of the button.

If your patio umbrella tilts you will have an advantage and get more use out of your patio because you can block the sun from different directions during different parts of the day.

There are different types of fabric that is used on the umbrella. When making your selection of fabric you will want to choose something durable such as canvas. Canvas will withstand the outside elements while protecting you from the sun. You can even apply water repellent to it to protect it even longer.

You can set patio umbrellas around your patio by using free-standing patio stands. These have the ability to be placed anywhere on the patio usually around seating and can be moved easily.

You have many different options to choose from when getting a patio umbrella. You will want to make sure that it’s large enough to give you the shade that you need. Take the measurements to the store with you when you go to purchase the correct one.

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