Choosing Your Patio Garden Furniture

Once you have finished making your patio, your deck or your lawn, you will unquestionably start thinking about how you can enjoy more time out of doors. Therefore, you will need some garden furniture. Many shops stock garden furniture. You can try home improvement centres, large department stores and garden centres. There are also businesses on line that will deliver. The hard job is picking your garden furniture.

There is a very wide range of styles of garden furniture – a style to suit every person and match every garden. So, before rushing down to the garden centre, it is worth considering for a while what you would like to achieve with your open-air seating area. Do you require a theme? Do you want to have company or dine there? Or do you just want to sit quietly, take pleasure in your garden and read a magazine?

Indeed, the answer may well be a combination of all those variables. If you simply want to sit there with a drink and a book, you may be satisfied to just buy a couple of chairs and a small table, but if you want to have guests or take family meals outside, you may prefer a more substantial table. A large oak table would be quite costly, but it would look magnificent and last for a decade or more.

If you choose a table, you will have to have chairs to go with it, but do you want loungers as well? They could be of plastic and stored in the shed until wanted.

You will likely need some form of shade. This can be supplied by folding, even removable umbrellas or by overhanging trees or shrubs. Wisteria or clematis can do the task as well and cost you next to nothing.

Do you intend cooking in this space? If you do, what and how? Do you fancy a barbecue pit or a proper hob and oven? A lot of people in regions where the climate permits are doing a great deal of cooking outside in a carbon copy of an indoor kitchen, but without all the walls.. If you plan the outdoor kitchen carefully, you will be able to use it in the rain too. I find it lovely not to have kitchen smells in the house and cooking out of doors is a good experience as well.

If it gets chilly in the evenings then you can consider getting some patio heaters. They are not dear to buy or to run and one standard patio heater can keep quite a crowd of people warm. (By the word ‘standard’ here, I mean standing, like a lamp post).

Lighting is the last major consideration in the list when choosing garden furniture. There are actually two sorts of garden lighting to consider: lighting to see by and lighting to lure insects away. Again, you could use standard lamps to illuminate your patio. They cast their light far enough so that you can still look at your garden after dark or you could have separate wall light on dimmers.

The one light I would definitely have is a mosquito lantern. Hang this away from where you sit, because they do draw insects to them which they then electrocute with a pleasing zap.

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