Choosing Tools For Staking And Cutting

The Bergeon tiny staking tool consists of 50 finely crafted punches, 10 precisely created stakes and a wooden circumstance for storage. The Huge Staking Tool arranged has 100 properly crafted punches and 20 stakes using a wooden case for becoming saved.

Taps and Dies are used to thread metal screws in watches. The Bergeon Assortment of Taps and Dies varies from .3 or more mm to 1 mm. It can be a software that may be meant for professional use. It really is arranged in metric sizes. The taps and dies appear within a wooden circumstance, neatly stored. It has eight dies ranging from .3 mm as much as 1 mm, in increments of .1 mm. There are eight sets of three or more taps that occur in steel tubes. It has a person die holding device. The taps and dies can also be utilised by employing a tap software. It is often a Swiss built device, so precision is guaranteed.

The Bergeon Assortment of Taps and Dies also can come from the arranged varying from .eight mm to 2mm. This collection also comes from the wooden box. It contains eight dies and eight sets of several taps in steel tubes. It has one die holder and also could be utilized with a tap device. The Bergeon tap device is produced for use with 8 mm diameter dies. The Bergeon PF die holder is often a tool which is utilised to hold dies though cutting threads. The diameter of this instrument measures 25 mm within the outside and 8 mm within the inside.

There’s a replacement set for taps, the Bergeon Assorted Taps in tubes. You will find 18 tubes with several taps in each and every by employing a total of 54 taps. The taps vary in size from .3 mm to 1.2 mm. They’re Swiss made and are constructed from solid steel. The taps are stored within a strong wooden box which is good for storing. There is certainly a variant in this model with taps made from high speed steel that is certainly they have a HSS construction.

Inside the Bergeon Assortment of taps, you will discover comprehensive replacements with 12 aluminium tubes each and every having 3 taps. The taps in this assortment are made of sound steel. The same style is also accessible where the taps alone are made from substantial speed steel. The Bergeon die holder is often a precision device of incredibly high good quality. Being a thread cutting application, it is ideal suited for both jewellers and watch makers. This is really a hand held device and includes a handle having a great grip. It fits all .eight mm dies by using a essential that holds down the die firmly in position whilst threading a screw. This tool will not contain dies which must be procured separately.

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