Choosing The Right Exercise Equipment For Your Needs

The new fitness machines called Elliptical cross trainers, have made a grand entrance into the health and fitness world. You’ll often spot these strange looking machines in gyms with often ques of people waiting to get a go. They do a fantastic job of working both the upper and lower body together at the same time and they also provide some other unique features which make these machines the wave of the future.

So I’m going to give you a brief idea about these new machines and just why they are doing so well. I also want to give you a few tips and advice about buying any exercise equipment and the sorts of things that you should do to make sure that you get a good deal.

So why are elliptical machines getting so popular anyway? Recently it has been shown that the human foot actually goes through an elliptical motion as we enter a jog and even as we walk at a pace. This is the exact motion which the elliptical cross trainer copies whilst helping you speed up your heart rate and burn calories in a safe way. Because of this the cross trainer has really become the machine of choice by both young folk and old.

One of the best features of elliptical trainers is that it offers the same cardiovascular work out as operating a treadmill (in terms of heartbeat and calories burnt), whilst reducing the energy spent on moving your feet on and off the ground as you would when jogging. You see, your feet in no way leave the actual pedals of an elliptical trainer, that removes any kind of impact in your workout.

As your feet never lift up or even go down, it means that this exercise is low-impact and there is next to no chance at all that you would be able to sustain and injury. This makes it ideal for older people and this has been seen through the fact that a good 40% of elliptical users are over 45 years old.

This is particularly very important to individuals who carry a lot of extra weight, or even who have current problems using they’re joints, hips, legs and/or back. In fact, elliptical machines are exactly what a doctor suggests for people who are simply starting their exercise regime and also have not done any workouts for some time.

Due to the massive amount of popularity associated with these new ellipitcal machines, there have been loads of companies producing them. This is both good and bad at the same time. It’s good because it means that there is a lot more choice to choose from and more features and gadgets which you may be specifically looking for. It also means that these brands need to compete with eachother meaning that the cost is a lot cheaper than if there was a monopoly of just one company. But it’s bad in the way that there are many phony companies creating knock-off equipment and selling it as a budget choice. So make sure that you look into the background of companies and they’re history to make sure that your not being ripped off.

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