Choosing Keywords For Your Website

So you created a brand new website and you want to test out the waters. I would start by doing a pay per click ad campaign or try and get a few keywords ranked through doing SEO. The most important thing to do is your market research, and then you would do your keyword research. I have a planned process that I go through.

The same things apply for SEO and your pay per click ad campaign. There are some things I look for in a keyword that other people make the mistake in doing. I have 3 rules that I live by when picking the right keyword. You need to pick the keyword that has a lot of traffic. Then take a look at the surrounding keywords and try to rank for some of them.

Getting some keywords with a traffic flow is important. Getting the keyword information from the search engines is a relatively new process. When you pick your keywords if you’re going the pay per click route, you need to pick something that has little competition. The biggest mistake that people make is they pick a keyword that is too hard for them. Most people start from scratch. So make sure you pick a keyword that will bring traffic to your site.

Some of my top guru friends say this. It will take you exactly the same amount of time to succeed and the same amount if you fail. So take a good hard look at the work you do before you do it because you don’t want to waste time. Put something down on a piece of paper and stick with it. If you select that keyword that is too difficult, you’re doing all that work for nothing. Select keywords that don’t have that much traffic.

The last thing you should do is to check the commercial value of your keyword. What I mean by this is you need to find out if people are buying things that have that particular keyword that you want to use. You need to see some proof that people are spending money in the market you are going into, particularly advertisers. If you pick some great keywords that have a large commercial value, you can get high quality advertisers for your site as well.

There are ways of telling if you pick the right keyword or not. You have to take a look at your competition and see what you are up against. How much work are you going to have to do to get into the top 3 spots? You can get traffic to your website with just the right words. Sometimes the keywords that don’t have that much competition are the ones you should try for first.

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