Choosing Great Edges For Your New Kitchen Counter Tops

After you have chosen the right materials,color and style of kitchen counter top you still have one more decision to make – what kind of edges do you want them to have to finish them off in style?

Simplest of all edges is the straight square. Straight edges just see all the components of the counter tops meeting at a right angle. Straight edge counter tops are favorites with DIY enthusiasts as they are easier to work with.Most of the lower end kitchen counter tops feature them as well since skipping fancier edging keeps costs down a little.

If however you have already plumped for a kitchen counter top made of something like granite or silestone great aesthetics are already obviously very much on your agenda so opting for a different edge makes a lot of sense as doing so will add an extra element of style. Here are some of the more popular options available:

Quarter Rounded – To create this very popular look the top of the counter top edge is carefully rounded to create a softer look than straight edges impart. A double quarter round refers to a counter top edge that has been rounded at the top and the bottom. This kind of edge is popular with young families for whom sharp straight edged counter tops that are right at a child eye (and bump) level cause nightmares.

Bullnose – To create a demi bullnose style kitchen counter top edge the top edge is rounded off rather dramatically to create a more circular appearance while leaving the bottom edge straight. A full bullnose on the other hand rounds the edges into a perfect half circle.

Beveled Edges – Beveled edges are one of the most popular types of decorative kitchen counter top edging. To achieve a beveled look the edges of the counter top are carved into 30 to 45 degree angles all the way around the counter top depending upon the homeowners tastes.

The only thing about beveled edges is that they are easy for an amateur to get wrong, so really only can be guaranteed to look good if the person doing the carving really knows what they are doing.A few degrees off here and thereon the angles can ruin the look of the counter top altogether.

Decorative Edging – Edging styles with some rather impressive sounding monikers – the Ogee, the Roman Ogee and the Sharks Mouth – are some of the most elegant decorative edging options you can plump for. The edge of the Ogee is cut into an elegant slanted S shape which is (as you may guess by the name) doubled on a Double Ogee counter top edge.

The Roman version of an Ogee edge is even more impressive. it starts out as a “regular”ogee and then the second curve in the S shaped is carved into a bullnose. As for the Sharks Mouth it resembles its namesake, minus the rows of razor sharp teeth.

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