Chocolate Recipes Made Healthy

Have you ever thought of experimenting with the chocolate recipes at your home? If not then you should try making some of your own chocolate recipes. You can make different recipes by combining the traditional recipes with some contemporary recipes of your and your family’s choices. As the Chocolate is not only scrumptious but also beneficial for the health and so you can try some innovative recipe s for your dear ones.

Not many people know that chocolate is made by coco beans which make it rich in natural ingredients and so benefit the health. Flavonoid is the main source that provides the benefits to the human health. Basically they are the antioxidants that help in preventing the body against various diseases. They generate nitric acid which is very important for maintaining the equilibrium state of the body. Do you know that dark chocolate is eight times richer in antioxidant content than strawberries?

Chocolate caramel cheesecake and strawberry toppings

For topping: Fresh strawberries: 15 pieces For The base: Crumbs of vanilla wafer: 2 cups Melted margarine: 6 tsp

For cake: Bag of caramel- 14 ounce Milk evaporated- 5 ounce Chopped and toasted pecans- 1 cup Softened cheese cream-8 ounce Sugar- 1 and half tsp Vanilla extract or essence- 1 tsp Eggs-2 Less sweetened chocolate- half cup

Process of baking-  Mix all the crumbs and the margarine and take a 9inch pan and spread the mixture at the bottom. Bake for ten minutes on 350 degree F.  For the chocolate cake, melt the caramel with the milk in a 1 quarter saucepan. Keep stirring on a medium heat until it softens. Put this mixture and the pecans over the top of the baked crust.  Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla in automated mixer until it blends out smoothly.  Mix in the eggs one after the other.  Add the blended chocolate over the top of pecans. Bake this mixture at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.  Make sure to take out the cake very gently only after it cools downs a little.  Decorate the chocolate cheese cake with fresh strawberries and pecans.

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