Chocolate Blues produced by Shelly Rice is the answer for you if you have you been looking for a way to get in front of a few hundred or even a thousand like-minded professionals who may have an interest in your product or service. Its also great if you are in a place in life that you are looking for a new opportunity to spend your free time developing. Chocolate Blues is also a great place to be around the truly motivated entrepreneurs in your community.

Chocolate Blues is live blues music, free chocolate, open networking, vendors, networking games, door prizes, brainstorming circles, breakout sessions and a giant business card exchange. It is not the typical trade show or networking event. It focuses on the real business to business networking that propels businesses to the next level. Chocolate Blues is one of the largest, and definitely most productive local networking events in the country.

The brainstorming from the connections made is worth the visit. The atmosphere is exciting, fun, and casual enough to have detailed conversations about your business with like-minded professionals that are motivated to improve their businesses and network. You can walk around and discover potential partnerships, build your network, and understand the hottest trends.

Chocolate Blues attracts decision makers from multiple industries of business. The attendance varies around the country but is usually around 1,000-1,500 professionals. If you have a business that you are trying to promote then you definitely want to take advantage of the vendor opportunity. The benefits of the event are extremely high compared to the costs which vary by location so be sure to check the website for update fees.

Shelly Rice’s 21 years experience has led to making the Chocolate Blues event one of the best in the country. Recent growth has led to events in Dallas, Austin, Iowa, Louisville, and others. The Indianapolis and Fort Wayne events are exciting since I live in Indianapolis. She does a wonderful job putting on these events because she knows that the vendors are looking for highly qualified participants along with partnership and networking opportunities. Shelly has achieved this goal by continuing to make it a fun and motivating environment.

Like any networking event, set up appointments when the opportunity arises. Take advantage of these chance to grow your business! Be sure to bring plenty of business cards, fliers, educational information, and anything that will leave the participants remembering you once the event ends. The key to these events is to make a solid impression those that you spend time with, add value to the conversation, and have a followup topic.

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