Chip developer Ambarella has introduced chips for street cameras for shooting in 4K, crowd monitoring and face recognition

The system sends notifications if a crowd gathers in the city, and is able to track lost items.

The chips can be used in cameras that must cover a space of 360°, the company said.
Artificial intelligence in the chips allows you to more accurately identify faces, license plates of cars and send alerts if a crowd gathers in some part of the city. It can track items left at train stations and airports, monitor queues, and more. In the settings, you can set restrictions.
The CV52S SoCs support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and AI performance is four times higher than the company’s other processors. At the same time, the cameras consume 30% less power than with previous Ambarella chips.
The technology is useful for monitoring traffic, speed control, search for missing people and stolen cars. Companies can use the chips to analyze the work of sellers and cashiers, control the display of goods, according to Ambarella.
Companies can apply to participate in the tests of the new chips, which will begin in October 2021.
The market for video surveillance systems with artificial intelligence will grow to $4 billion by 2025, according to analysts at Yole Development.

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