Chinese Famous Spring Festival, Have Fun!

The Chinese are quite zealous about their New Year celebrations, which are commonly known as the Spring Festival as well as the Lunar New Year since it is based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The festival starts on the first day of the year, and the celebrations go on till the 15th day, which is the time for the Lantern Festival. The entire celebration is an excellent combination of colors, lights, myths and customs. The Chinese brighten up candles that they place on shelving or besides the roadsides, and further decorate their homes with them. The Chinese further exhibit red colored greeting cards on their wire shelving to keep up with the traditions of their ancient ancestors.

Chinese legend has it that a mythical monster would arrive in this world on the first day of the New Year, and it will eat up all the livestock, crops and the villagers savagely. The beast called the Nien has a special desire to eat up young kids from the village which originated this myth. therefore in order to protect themselves, the villagers place eating stuffs in front of their doors. They believed that the beast won’t come for them the moment its hunger is subsided. Later, people eventually began to have faith that the creature is afraid of the color red, so the villagers hung lanterns that were red in color. This became a custom, and every time the New Year arrived, the Chinese kept lanterns along with the latest spring scrolls on windows and doors.

These lanterns can, however, be easily confused with those hung in the Mid Autumn Festival. New Year lanterns are the traditional Chinese card lanterns that have a prominent red color and are found to be oval in shape. They are hung from the ceiling on the date 15th of the Chinese New Year.

Aside from the lantern festival, an additional unique part of this celebration is the dragon and the lion dance. It is thought that forceful bobbing of lions and dragons along with the loud beats of the drum can scare away the wrong spirits amongst us. Each feature of the Chinese dcor indicates something for example, food such as a Koi fish which is mostly very uncommon and can only be observed in paintings. A picture of this fish gives you an aura of kindness which denotes surplus and success.

The Chinese culture is a rich society in which gifts are given to each other, and houses, roads and marketplaces are decorated. These 15-day continued Chinese festivals has some illogical and traditional believes that are much perplexing for those who don’t commemorate this festival. As you know, many of the Chinese dcor in this celebration are centered on red; similarly they hang red diamond-shaped pictures in the home and mainly on the doors. The poster has a character known as pinyin which is hung inverted.When hanging this character, it symbolizes the arrival of luck, joy and prosperity. The Chinese have a rich and various culture which is instilled with myths and symbolism, and it is these myths and symbols that you will see during their New Year celebration commences.

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