China manufacturing activity has increased three fold in
the last ten years, undoubtedly making China the largest manufacturer of
consumer goods in the world. The reasons are not hard to imagine. With a
population that constitutes nearly one fifth of the world population and a
relatively poor economy, Chinese labour is pretty cheap. With China’s current
stronghold in the production of electrical, telecommunication and computing
related products, there is an abundant raise in the nation’s economy with
China’s production increasing to 11% of world’s manufacturing in 2005, from just
3% in 1995. Every year China manufacturing is increasing by 20% and the fierce
competition in the country’s manufacturers is taking China product development
to advanced levels.

China industrial design is based on three factors: low cost
production, fast tracked manufacturing processes and prompt shipping. Guiding
all the above factors is the customized OEM development of products, which is a
selling factor for almost every manufacturer China. This means that designs can
be shared with and further developed by the chosen manufacturer in China who
would in return apply their expertise to develop products that, in many times,
rose to great demand in global markets. While fifteen years ago, China was only
popular for its mass production units of clothing and shoes, the country has now
expanded its dominion to almost every consumer product in market today. Direct
investment from foreign economies hit the 75 billion mark in the year 2007,
which is a highly advantageous to the country’s financial state considering the
state it was in just a few years ago during Hong Kong repatriation.

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has grown leaps and bounds, effectively improving the living state and
conditions of the county’s population by several degrees. About a hundred
million people work in the nation’s many manufacturing plants, developing every
kind of product that humans have known to date. Subsequently, the thirst for
knowledge as well as the need and means for education have seen a rapid
development in the country as well with peers touting China to be the next big
educational hub of the world. Well, why not, considering China’s products range
from clothes to chemicals, to aircraft to satellites.

China is also into major production of mining and ore
processing, producing metals such as aluminum, iron, etc. China engineering has
gone to the next level with the country receiving orders for armaments,
automotives and heavy weight transport vehicles to a whole range of electronic
goods. China quality control has also increased along with all the other factors
since these manufacturers are well aware of the high standards now expected in
international markets. High guarantee goods are produced after several tests are
performed and the design is developed and flaws rectified with every new order.
It is a common fact that there are a very few companies dissatisfied by product
development in China and fewer still where disputes arose due to quality or

Though the magnetic shift of the manufacturing base to
China has caused protests among several worldwide business organizations, the
potential for business opportunity due to this shift is duly realized.

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