Cherry Laminate Flooring Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful

If you are in the market to redo your flooring think about cherry laminate flooring. This choice will definitely make an impact and your friends and relatives will take notice. Cherry has been a choice for years when home decorating. Whether its cabinets, furniture, flooring or even picture frames it’s a choice that will never go out of style.

The cost previously prevented the average U.S. homeowner from even considering a purchase of this magnitude. Engineered cherry laminate is now within the reach of most DIY weekend-warriors, and patented locking systems that are integrated into the planks allow for quick and easy assembly.

Just like cherry laminate walnut is also a very sought after hardwood. The black walnut is the most popular and grows only in South America. The cost of this popular choice can be a persons salary for the entire year so it’s not always the most practical choice. However, if you choose walnut laminate you will be back in business. There are many manufacturers out there but Pergo is one that stands above the rest.

When preparing your remodel spreadsheet and calculating all the costs involved with materials and labor from subcontractors, the laminate flooring prices are going to fluctuate greatly depending on where you shop for floor products. Doing a quick search online will reveal that current cherry or walnut laminated flooring will run between two and three dollars per square foot.

You can search Craigslist, and EBay for deals on the same flooring, but in the end, if the flooring is damaged, or you change your mind prior to installation, then going with a company like Home Depot or Lowes may be worth spending the little extra for having the convenience of exchanging or get a refund.

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