Cheetah Print – A True Throwback Design

In the world of fashion, the cheetah print (which was wildly popular in the 1980s, but died in the 1990s) is coming back. For a couple of decades, it has mostly been found on furniture, sheets, and blankets, but now it is making a name for itself once again on the fashion scene.

Cheetah print carries the retro stigma that all 80s fashion carries with it currently. Cheetah-themed clothes and tapestries were common back then, as were neon colors and acid washed jeans. All three of these styles have negativity attached to them just because of the decade in which they were popular. Although still thought of as outdated by most, cheetah prints did not suffer as bad of a fashion fallout as its other 80s style counterparts. This could be because of the print’s relatively inoffensive look, or simply because it is based off of an animal. Either way, the style has lived on longer than other things that rose and fell in the 1980’s.

Today you can find high quality blanket and sheet sets in a cheetah print. These are common enough that you could even go to a department store and find them, so you should have no problem finding cheetah printed sheets and blankets if they are what you are looking for.

Throw the idea out the window if you have a conservative or classical home, but if you have a contemporary home, this print style makes a great accent. Though relatively inexpensive, cheetah print curtains are hard to find. If you want to find them, you will most likely have to order them online or go to a specialty store specifically made for interior design.

As for clothing with the cheetah pattern on them, that is little bit harder to come by than curtains. If you want cheetah print shirts, jackets, or pants, you may have to make them yourself. Retro fashion isn’t in at the moment and it is hard to find them unless you go into specialty stores or shop online. If you want to purchase cheetah clothing, your best bet is the internet; however, if you’re aiming to make the clothing yourself, you can find the designs in many fabric stores.

Although currently out of style, cheetah print is making a major come back. It’s already big in home decorating, so, who’s to say that it won’t be the next big fashion craze once again?

The Uk marriage visa cheetah design design was once very popular on clothes, but today it is mostly restricted to household fabrics. Don’t fret! It is still easy to find almost anywhere.

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