Cheating As Motivation To Clear The Air Between Couples

The word cheater is never a compliment. And saying it is a good thing can create a riot amongst those who are cheated on. Cheating has always been viewed as detestable by the majority but only those who are strong enough to call it a wake up call can testify to its benefits. Does the saying ‘It’s sweeter the second time around” applicable in a marriage once coaxed by infidelity issue? Some people cannot see any positive about cheating. All they see is a dark cloud that shrouded the once good relationship.

What they don’t know is that the cloud just indicates moldy lines of lightning problems hidden behind. Research studies on cheating shows that a rough estimate of 63% of the population are cheaters. That’s over half of the population, right? Of this 63%, most couples decided to get on the same road again and leave the past behind.

But how does this positive thing exist in infidelity? Did the cheating really give them a wake up call?

1) It lets the couple know that all is not well and that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. No matter how minor the problem may seem, if it isn’t dealt with adequately and effectively then it can become a huge problem later on. The events that lead up to cheating my seem like small potatoes but they are problems in the relationship that need to be acknowledged, corrected, and adequately dealt with for all parties involved.

2) It gets you talking to each other and not talking at each other. One of the biggest things that happens to couples over time is that they stop talking to each other. Do you remember back when you were dating and you hung on his every word? It’s time to start some new conversations and really participate this time around.

3) Cheating if assessed logically will tell you to step backwards to see the whole scenario. It takes two to tango and cheating can signal whether or not someone has gone south. When both of you decided to take that road, you’ve agreed to hold each others’ hands no matter what. And now that someone has turned around, it’s a good indication that there’s something that you missed discussing while in the course of the journey.

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