Cheap London Hotels And Your Guide To Where To Find Them

Visiting the charming yet modern city of London on a budget? Is it even possible to save on your hotel expenses here, you may wonder? After all, London has a reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit and live in. Surely there must be a good selection of budget accommodation here to cater to the large influx of tourists and business visitors as not everyone can afford to spend on luxury hotels in this part of the world.

Budget-conscious travelers need not fear, as the city has catered to visitors of various budgets and preferences with a comprehensive range of accommodation that includes plenty of cozy and comfortable, yet surprisingly affordable hotel chains and bed and breakfasts that allow you to enjoy substantial savings on your total travel costs. You might be pleased to note that the locations of these hotels include both the suburbs as well as more central locations of the city, thus affording you a wide range of low cost choices.

That being said, your search for a low cost hotel in London to suit your needs will not be complete without first conducting some simple research on what kinds of budget accommodation are available as well as which parts of London you can find them. Read on for more information on these topics as well as a recommended website where you can book your cheap London hotels in a hassle-free manner.

Basic amenities and inclusions

When it comes to budget and middle-range accommodation in London, the standard hotels and bed and breakfasts offer basic amenities and inclusions that are sufficient for a comfortable stay. These include telephones, televisions, tea kettle and a small private bathroom with shower. Many even have breakfast included in the rate. Regardless of the size of your group, you are also likely to find suitable rooms as the configurations of rooms often range from single to quad (family).

Convenience and affordability in central London

If you are planning a stay in London on a shoestring budget, you might think that you have to choose between cost and convenience, as you might have learned that the cheapest hotels are located in the outskirts, which makes it majorly inconvenient for you to travel to the city centre every day. However, there are many hotels in London itself, including central London that are value for money and remain affordable for most visitors.

In the central London neighbourhoods, you not only are in close proximity to business centres and attractions such as Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, travel to other parts of London is also made convenient with the area being well-connected by the London Underground and bus system. You may be surprised to discover the large number of low cost accommodation options that you have in this area, which includes both budget hotels as well as bed and breakfasts.

Budget hotels and hotels in the intermediate price range are scattered throughout London’s districts. If you have a slightly larger budget, you may want to consider a stay in a branded hotel for the unique experience it provides. Such branded hotels were converted into hotels from town or office buildings, yet still retain the stateliness of their former incarnations and are cheaper than luxury hotels.

In contrast, another accommodation option with an interesting, down-to-earth vibe which is among the most affordable is bed and breakfasts. These guesthouses are typically run by families and create a warm atmosphere that reminds you of home, although they are lacking in most of the frills of a conventional hotel. Paddington and Victoria Station, in particular, houses a concentration of these bed and breakfasts. For specific neighbourhoods you may want to look at while choosing your low cost accommodation, I suggest Bayswater, King’s Cross and Victoria Station.


Bayswater, a largely residential neighbourhood, is conveniently located to the north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and is home to a whole range of budget hotels and inns which are ideal for guests looking for an affordable stay in a quiet environment.

King’s Cross

King’s Cross is home to among the cheapest accommodation in London, and presents a range of accommodation choices from bed and breakfasts to hostels to larger hotel chains. Restaurants and retail stores make up this neighbourhood which is located near Bloomsbury which houses the University of London and British Museum.

Victoria Station

Victoria Station boasts among the most economical and value for money hotel stays in London. You can also enjoy easy access to St. James’ Park and Buckingham Palace which are located nearby.

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