Make Your Own Creative Patio Lights

Having a backyard patio party? You can transform your patio into something special by adding patio lights to the patio. These will change the party mood at night and make it safer for your guests.

There are many kinds of patio lighting available today with different sizes and shape. A very popular type of lighting is patio string lights. This type of light is a combination of patio lighting that are strung together. The cool part about this type of light is they can be hung around over door, or even on trees. One important thing to consider before buying a patio light is the schematics. How much space will it be covering and how many feet long will the lighting cord have to be. Using lights like patio are good way to transform plain garden in to something hip and attractive without seeking professional help.

If you go with patio lights strings you can hang them many places and they will give off just enough lighting to create the perfect ambiance to your patio. You can also easily make your own patio lights depending on the mood you want to set with the party. Here is how you can make your own patio lantern covers to make each party unique.

1. Design the layout on paper or card stock, and decide how many lights you will need to make. Take craft paper or card stock; you will need 4 to do one light.

2. On each sheet you will want to make the stencils for the lights. Make different shapes on each sheet, once it is cut out you will be able to see the light shine through.

3. Secure the four sides together so that it looks like a box. You can glue or staple them together.

4. Make a strap on top of the lantern to hang them these will be about 2 inches long. You will want to glue to the top of the lantern.

5. Next is to hang one end of the string lights, slip the lanterns onto the lights and you can now hang the other end of patio.

6. Hang the new covers over the lights string, giving each one of the patio lights its own lantern look. Leave several lights the way that they are so that you can have the twinkling effects from the light sting.

You can dress up your parties by making these simple lantern covers for your lights. You can make these ahead of time and even reuse them over and over again.

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