When veins in the rectum and anus swell, most likely, they have hemorrhoids. hemorrhoids cures depends on what is mainly causing this disease. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is straining while defecating. Others include chronic constipation or diarrhea, age and anal intercourse.

You won’t notice anything during early course of hemorrhoids, but the later stages can be felt like ruptured veins which is manifested by blood in the feces. Itchiness or pain is a sign of blood vessels have protruded outside the anus. These symptoms are causes of many instances of embarrassment as well as frustration. The social and personal aspect of a person’s life is severely affected in advanced cases. Treat the hemorrhoids and its causes as early as possible to prevent being a social cripple. This can be devastating to a socially active person.

Most people are ashamed to admit that they have hemorrhoids. Some unaffected people find humor in it and the afflicted becomes afraid of being the laughing stock. This is the reason why they try to delay going to the doctor and when they do, it is because they cannot take the pain anymore or because they notice blood when they defecate.

Hemorrhoids are treated according to what is manifested. In other words, only the symptom, and not the disease hemorrhoid is treated. If you want to permanently remove it, you have to cure the underlying cause and also the hemorrhoid itself.

The modern medicine’s definitive treatment for hemorrhoids is to treat the cause. High fiber intake as well as fiber supplements are prescribed for chronic constipation. Stool softeners and drinking more fluids also help eliminate chronic constipation. Antimotility drugs and fiber supplements are given for chronic diarrhea. The absolute cure for hemorrhoids also depends on the severity. Mild cases can be treated with modification of dietary intake together with stool softeners and fiber supplements. If it is protruding but not so severe, ligation would be enough. With severe and emergency cases surgical treatment should be done.

For those who do not want surgical treatment, alternative medicine is an option. Their aim is to treat the main cause, which is very commonly dietary. Different schools of thought have varied recommendations. Herbal medicines and drinks are recommended by some, while others cure with plenty of fluids and high fiber diet. Some of the advantages you get with alternative medicine are saving money and improving your dietary habits.

Many information can be found in the internet about hemorrhoid treatment and prevention. These would include advice on how to plan your diet, what kinds of food are good as well as which food to avoid. You can also find recipes with ingredients that are good for the bowels and can also be served to visitors when you are entertaining.

Hemorrhoids are dreaded by the socially active person but this disease is curable and preventable. For those who do not want surgical treatment, there are nonsurgical hemorrhoids cures to bring back the joy of partying.

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