Chauffeur “Framed As Drunk Driver”

The debate into the death of Princess Diana continues as the thirteenth anniversary of her death approaches. The debate role’s on after the author of an explosive new book, John Morgan, calls for a fresh inquest into the death of Princess Diana and her then lover Dodi Fayed.

Investigative journalist and author John Morgan claims that the man, branded as the drunk driver after the crash, and held responsible for the accident was actually sober. He went on to slam the official London inquest into how the Princess died following the fatal crash in the Alma tunnel in Paris on the 31st August 1997.

He points to a widespread cover-up by the French authorities and reiterated his belief that last year’s official London hearing contained several errors and omissions including information from the two French doctors that performed the post-mortem on Henri Paul, Diana’s chauffeur.

Henry Paul has been branded as the drunk driver behind the tragic deaths of both Princess Diana and Mohamed Al Fayed’s son, Dodi.

Mr. Morgan, an Australian author, makes his claims in his recent book – The Diana Inquest: The French Cover-up. The book was published in Brisbane, Australia.

The first book in the series, a 700 page document states that some of the evidence that points to Henri Paul being sober before the accident included CCTV footage and witness accounts from before they set off in the car moments before the crash that claim Henri Paul was most definitely not drunk.

Furthermore, DNA samples taken from Mr. Paul at the time of the accident have never been tested for surplus levels of residual alcohol. And in fact the blood samples that were used to prove Henri Paul was three times over the then legal alcohol driving restriction actually came from the second body which go to prove that Henri Paul was not actually drunk behind the wheel. He also claims he has uncovered medical records to prove his theory.

The debate continues.

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