It is often debated if cellulite can be removed for ever or not. The short answer is ‘no’, the severity of this condition can’t be completely ended however its intensity can be mitigated based on the various methods that have been suggested that help in the reduction of this skin condition.

A multi prong approach is often suggested as the most optimal way to keep cellulite in control as it brings together the benefits of various different methods and intensifies its effects in the fight against cellulite. In this article we will be exclusively looking at how one can keep cellulite under control by keeping a check on their food consumption.

Proper diet intake is a highly effective tool in cellulite reduction as it is an important determinant of how your body behaves in day to day operations. First and foremost is to keep a strict check on your calorie intake. People suffering form conditions of cellulite should be conscious of their food intake as it helps in weight loss. In losing weight one also shrinks their fat boxes that are to a certain extent responsible for the development and growth of cellulite. The goal should be to keep your calorie intake between 1,200- 1,500 calories per day that can be achieved by addition of fruits and vegetables to your diet and consumption of food that is low in fat and high in protein. Food rich in fiber content should also be consumed in greater quantity.

If one suffers from conditions of fluid retention in the body then it’s an additional factor where one should be more conscious about as regions of cellulite carries a larger amount of water attracting cells. Thus excessive fluid in the body will lead to greater swelling of the area and hence cellulite. In order to reduce fluid retention one must cut down on sodium consumption and drink eight glasses of water to flush their system.

A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise always protects the body against a number of diseases. It is never too late to start exercise, however moderate it may be.

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