Casios Solar G Shock The New Challenger

Casio’s Solar G Shock is a challenging and practical line of watches that have long been favorites of uniformed personnel for their versatility and durability. They are ideal for the tactical kinds of situations commonly encountered by military and police forces. Casio solar G shock wristwatches also make superb companions on an outdoor adventure, with both shock and water resistance to ensure reliable operations no matter the field conditions involved. It’s no wonder that they’re so well-liked, what using a corporate legacy of several important business firsts under the Casio brand.

The solar G shock collection bears a proud lineage, going way back to the first-ever Casio watch that was made, in 1974, the Casiotron, among the very first digital watches within the world at a time when the industry had just begun to incorporate digital technology into its designs. From humble beginnings being a successful manufacturer of cigarette lighter rings (yes, worn on a finger – this is Japan after all, the land of gizmos and gadgets galore), the company is now an established leader in consumer electronics worldwide.

Case in point, the Solar G Shock line itself, representing “Timekeeping 3.0” using a full complement of handy instruments on board, for example alitmeters and barometers to help discern oncoming weather, and atomic timekeeping for unmatched precision. Several models even run on solar energy for anytime-reliability and good old-fashioned peace of mind. G Shocks have turn out to be so well-liked that a “Baby G” line is targeting the youth marketplace in particular with stylish colors and smaller more compact form factors that don’t compromise on the line’s core principles of durability and utility.

Actually, the solar G Shock was originally envisioned as a watch that would never break, epitomizing the “Triple 10” philosophy of 10-bar water resistance, 10-meter free-fall endurance, and a 10-year battery life at a time when it was believed that wristwatches were fashion accessories and that Japanese makes were especially inexpensive and nothing but throwaway novelties. With its G Shocks, Casio has redefined the wristwatch and created a new niche nearly on its own, the tough and tactical wristwatch for action-oriented applications.

Thus the rich feature set previously mentioned so favored by uniformed personnel, several models offering abilities far beyond that commonly expected of a chronograph. When in the marketplace for timepieces that are inexpensive but using a tough solid build, look into a G Shock for value and performance numerous times its cost!

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