Cash For Gold Store – Finding Good Gold Jewelry

There is one item that women and the rest of the public find stylish regardless of what the recent craze or fad is. Across history, women have worn it to make themselves more beautiful, or make it a vital component of their wardrobe. Through the centuries, women have appreciated the abilities of gold jewelry in turning heads, or in expressing a certain status.

A person’s love for jewelry is apparent now as it was a thousand years ago. Jewelry has been traded for and bought countless times in the past, and as mentioned, it has never gone out of style. The actual process of purchasing jewelry is a little bit more confusing that buying regular items. When buying in a cash for gold store, people have the inclination of purchasing jewelry without going beyond knowing the fact that it would look good on them when they buy it. If you know a little bit more about jewelry, it really does pay off.

You may immediately relate gold to jewelry. Gold is almost always associated with jewelry, even if it is used for many other purposes. In this industry, gold is actually defined as pure, 24 karat gold. In this pure form, gold is soft and delicate. Usually, jewelers would integrate other precious metals into 24 karat gold to make the final product a more durable piece of jewelry. So, you now know the nest time you plan to buy some in a cash for gold store.

The integration of other metals into 24 karat gold has some visually attractive effects as well. Jewelers add nickel into pure gold to make white gold. They add a small amount of copper into pure gold too, and this results in a more womanly, pink tint. Adding predetermined amounts of silver can also give gold a greenish tint.

The rule there is, if a piece of jewelry has a lower karat quality, it has higher durability since it is harder. To have an idea of what was mixed into the gold, check the color. You can ask a vendor regarding the karat quality of his or her wares, but if you have a chance, try looking for any markings regarding this property. Many well known jewelry companies would place a products karat quality on it. You should see a trademark accompanying the karat quality; if you don’t, you might want to consider looking for another piece of jewelry.

Do not confuse gold jewelry with gold-plated jewelry. As the name implies, this usually composes of a metal of lesser value plated or covered with gold through mechanical bonding or through electroplating. Genuine gold jewelry should include an indication or an accompanying marking of its karat quality. It is normal for people to wear gold-plated jewelry once in a while, leaving the higher-priced pieces for special events. This is because gold plated jewelry is lighter than their purer alternatives. However, if you plan on buying a piece of gold-plated jewelry, remember that the layer of gold will eventually wear off sooner or later, depending on the quality and thickness of the gold plate. Since gold is held with such high regard, one should know these things before making a gold jewelry purchase on any cash for gold store.

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