Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms: You Ought To Know

If you are getting pain in the hand when you wake up, don’t just neglect. It may be alarm of getting the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms. Now what are these carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms?

The cause for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms is the pressure imposed on the median nerve. The function of this median nerve is twofold. It is a messenger of nerves and muscles both. Thus all the fingers and the thumb except the pinky get feelings because of this nerve. Reduction in the size of carpel tunnel can also put median nerve under increased pressure. This increased pressure causes the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its symptoms.

Many other reasons also impose increased pressure on this median nerve. The situations like rheumatoid arthritis, fluid retention, or abnormal cell made protein from bone marrow. Even sometimes individual may have the carpal tunnel smaller than average.

Many a times, one does not understand what is going on and just keep on suffering from the pain. It may be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms which may begin slowly. Over the time it grows in the intensity. How a person should know whether he is experiencing pain because of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms? This is the help for you to know the symptoms of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and decide whether you should see a doctor.

Usually it starts with a light pain of the wrist. This slowly begins to cover the palm and wrist. By the time it will also cover the forearm. As the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome establishes it self, one may experience burning pain in the whole arm from shoulder to palm extending itself to fingers and the thumb. Pain on inside of hand and arm is a usual.

Numbness or an itchy sensation in the hand along with the fingers is one more Carpel Tunnel Symptom. Most of the times the pinky is blessed not to have this sensation but thumb and the index finger are the most affected ones. This becomes worse when before anything after a good sleep, you have to exercise to make them free. You may massage or stretch out to get rid of the numbness. But it becomes a curse when the syndrome progresses and the numbness become more constant.

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also has another common symptom of weakness in hands. As the time passes, catching hold of the things or picking up the things becomes so hard that dropping of the things become a very frequent thing to happen.

If you are one of experiencing any symptom like this, you should seek medical attention at the earliest before they interfere with the daily routine, because this can cause irreversible damage to the concerned nerves or muscles without medications.

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