Caring For Your Dr Martens

The humble Orthopaedist from Germany, Dr. Klaus Martens, surely could never have imagined that his simple Dr Martens shoe design would one day be a such an icon of modern fashion, particularly as he invented them for use purely by the military, the police and those in the postal service to be durable and long lasting.

These days, the Dr. Martens brand carries several lines and with their superior construction they should last for years and years but spending some time looking after them every few months will ensure that they stay in tip top condition until you are ready for another style (or another pair).

Here are some top tips about the best way to look after your Doc Martens boots and shoes:

To keep your DM boots or shoes in absolutely the best condition, avoid using petroleum-based products as these tend to darken light-coloured leather.

Remove the laces (now would be an excellent time to order some spares should you ever need them) and clean your Docs thoroughly with a clean rag, old sock or soft shoe brush. If you use anything damp when cleaning, let your boots dry out thoroughly before applying any type of wax to them.

If your shoes are becoming a little smelly, invest in some Odour Eaters – these also come with a gel based cushioned heel, to assist shock absorption.

With winter on its way, invest in some good leather care cleaner (Dr Martens do one on their site). This will protect the boots from rainwater, snow and winter salt and works on oiled or smooth leather. Remember to allow boots or shoes to dry before wearing.

Always remember to place your Doc Martens on a sheet of newspaper when applying shoe care treatments and let them stand on the newspaper overnight before wearing. Reapply shoe treatments every three to four months.

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