Caring For Baby Sensitive Skin

As adults, we all crave having soft, baby sensitive skin. While it seems desirable to have soft, supple skin that’s unfettered by time and the elements; we often forget how sensitive our own infant’s skin really is. Their skin hasn’t had time to toughen and become accustomed to the environment, perfumes, along with common skin treatments and powders often considered to be beneficial to skin.

Use Natural Products

Many modern skincare problems from baby sensitive skin are a direct result of every parents need to lavish their precious infants with the best of everything. When it comes to keeping their sensitive skin healthy, it isn’t at all necessary to buy the most lavish soaps and extravagant moisturizers. In fact, some hypo-allergenic baby shampoo and a large tub of Vaseline are all you really need for your baby’s skincare needs. Using products with perfumes and special ingredients may actually cause an allergic outbreak — rather than treating or preventing them.

Too Much Bathing

While we have all grown accustomed to frequent bathing as teenagers and adults; the process does more harm than good. For social reasons, we all bath daily or every other day, but bathing so often actually strips our skin of vital moisture needed to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Avoid putting your baby in their tub whenever you think they’re dirty and instead wipe them down with a washcloth throughout the day. After gently rubbing their body down with the washcloth, “pat” their skin dry preferably with a cotton towel and apply a light coating of Vaseline to any areas that appear red.

Other Irritants

Your infant’s baby sensitive skin can be irritated by over-use of baby powders. The zinc and talcum in baby powder are extremely soothing when applied to rashes; when over-used they can dry out otherwise healthy skin.

Use of certain synthetic fabrics can also irritate sensitive skin. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fabric for your baby. Some infants don’t have allergies to any fabrics, while others can only wear natural fabrics like cotton.

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