Carbonless Forms – A Modern And Green Alternative To Standard Papers

Carbonless forms are becoming more and more popular in the business arena, mainly due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and produce quality duplicates that can be kept on file. They are the environmentally friendly options as well, because a carbon sheet is not discarded following the creation of each copy, which can result in less usage.

If your business, like most businesses, use invoices, work orders, purchase orders, or other forms each month and then discard the carbon sheet after completion of the form, it is unable to be used again. However, carbonless forms require no carbon sheet, which cuts the waste in half, and also it requires less space if the paper is to be filed and saved.

Carbonless paper is also biodegradable so it is good for the environment. The technology behind these forms is very simple, although many companies keep their trademarks secretive – but usually involves coating the top page with dye and the bottom with a reactive clay substance.

In many cases, they are preferred for their precision and quality. They usually come in three parts, which have a middle sheet that is coated on both sides. Printing on the top sheet of the form will provide two duplicates -although there are double part and four part forms available as well.

You can find carbonless paper at most business supply stores and office supply stores. Not only that, but many big box retailers are carrying them as well, although they carry the generic form and not the personalized versions. You can also buy them online.

You can find a better price, especially when buying in bulk, and also have your forms customized to the exact specifications you need for cheap if you order your carbonless paper forms online.

If you want to save your business some money and save the Earth some damage, then switch to carbonless papers. It’s the easiest way to save the planet.

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