Car Wash Coupons Or Do It Yourself

A clean and well maintained car sells easier, sells and trades in for more cash and makes any negotiations selling or trading in your vehicle a lot easier and better. So why don’t more auto owners take better care of their automobile overall when it comes time to simple cleaning of the exterior of their vehicles? Is it laziness or is it a matter that they are too busy or simply do not care? The sad fact is that many auto owners’ especially first time buyers simply do not know the simple rules and ease of washing a car. It’s easy and fun if you know how.

Here are the steps to get a good and thorough “car wash” or how to wash your auto 101. It is easy and sequential. Not rocket science.

Firstly you can take your auto to a commercial car wash. These can be “full service” that is a full wash with a team of cleaners in and out. This is nice, impresses many women as they have visions of such a “team” fully and thoroughly cleaning their home in such a manner – sweeping through home like a tornado. You will get a clean vehicle but it’s a little bit pricey and if you live in a smaller center you may not have such a full service “car wash” in your area. Next in line you can visit a self service car wash. Usually these have high pressure nozzles, along with a vacuum cleaner to allow you to vacuum your vehicle’s interior fully, wash with the high pressure nozzle with a cleaning brush to wet your vehicle with soapy hot water, spray the vehicle and dirty areas with the high pressure nozzle spraying out hot soapy water, and finally rinsing your auto’s exterior fully. Lastly many commercial do it yourself automobile “buggy baths” provide you with a final spray wax finish to leave a beautiful sheen on your now clean auto.

Yet there is nothing nicer than washing your car in your driveway on a sunny afternoon. While being convenient with “one stop shopping” – that is hot water , soap, a high pressure cleaning nozzle as well as cleaning brush and vacuum all in one place a buggy bath may overall be not such a great bargain to you as an auto owner both in terms of time , convenience and cost. The car wash may be crowded at peak times when you are free and off work – weekends for example. Secondly you may be rushed in your efforts both in terms of time allowed by the coin meter feeding the hot water to wash your car. You may not notice imperfect cleaning until you are out in the sun, away from the cleaning away, drying your vehicle.

Lastly dry your car, truck or SUV fully and completely with a clean, damp chamois or alternatively a towel. Now you can stand back and admire your results. Pleasant driving in your perfectly clean automobile as you traverses the highways of life and liberty.

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