Car Hops during the summertime can be a lot of fun. The weather is perfect for outdoor events. Car hops are so much more exciting during the summertime than trying to roller skate your way around snow piles in the winter time.

If you are hosting a car hop this summer be sure to plan with safety in mind. Safety is so important when you are hosting an activity. Keep your employees, and customers, safe by making preparations ahead of time.

Start planning safety measures while you are planning your car hop. You want to have everything prepared for the best. Here are just a few safety measures to consider when putting on a car hop.

Be sure that the paths are clear. Designate what paths you would like your employees and customers to use. If your employees car hop costumes requires using roller skates it is especially necessary to have a clear path, since skating in car hop costumes is not always easy for everyone.

Have your parking spaces clearly marked. You don’t want your customers to park just anywhere. Be sure that you have parking spaces marked so your customers can easily find them.

3. Pick up all debris that is on the ground. I cannot stress again how important it is to not have things on the ground when you have employees in car hop costumes and roller skates skating around with food orders. Pick up any garbage or debris that is on the ground as soon as you notice it.

4. Watch out for little children. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to have anyone get hurt. Since small children don’t understand the consequences of running in front of cars, be sure that all outdoor eating areas are well away from car traffic or parking.

5. Assign your employees to watch out for incoming and outgoing traffic. Have everyone be active in keeping the exit and entrance point to the car hop clear from people, cars, etc. Be sure the entrance and exits points are never blocked.

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