The British Isles are the most well-liked trip locations in Europe. One of the primary reasons for this amazing popularity is the very good listing containing an enormous quantity of top class attractions and fascinating cities often with long histories. England’s history is highly eventful which have affected on virtually everybody as only a generation or two ago many of the world’s countries where under the rule of the British. As the British Empire expanded countless missionaries spread Christianity. The Christian faith has helped shape the United Kingdom and one location which has played a role in this is the cathedral city of Canterbury.

Canterbury Attractions

The city of Canterbury is a medieval community in Kent positioned on the banks of the River Stour. This immensely picturesque city is England’s ecclesiastical capital and this has been the case for many centuries. Because of this fact the city has a wealth of incredibly important religious structures, the greatest of which is Canterbury Cathedral.

The cathedral is most well-known for the murder of Becket but the structure was founded in 597 A.D. and has a long and eventful history. Following the death of Thomas a Becket many miracles occurred and a shrine was built which very quickly became a place of pilgrimage. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to visit the shrine because King Henry VIII had it destroyed but the cathedral remains a place of pilgrimage for large numbers of folk.

The Canterbury Tales is the most popular museum in the town. The museum shows, through the use of medieval tableaux, the pilgrimages made during Chaucerian times. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the immensely popular Canterbury Tales which describes five pilgrimages to the city. Audiovisual aids are used to bring the characters to life over 45 minutes.

The Museum of Canterbury (formerly The Canterbury Heritage Museum of the City) is another popular museum. Set within the ancient Poor Priest’s Hospital this superb museum depicts the town’s history. Utilising state-of-the-art technology such as computers, as well as holographic technologies, the museum depicts periods from the Vikings to the Blitz.

The Roman Museum is an unusual museum for the fact that it is under the town’s streets. Utilising real excavation sites this museum brings to life the Roman era through interactive computers. This is an opportunity to view mosaics in a Roman house.

Obviously the town features many more attractions, simply too many to debate here. The nightlife of the town would merit another article. Above I only introduce a handful however I would hope that this has generated a fascination with the town and maybe you would think about having a vacation there soon.

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