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Unless you’re in favor of a rough, overland pack train to traverse the a hundred and fifty miles from the nearest road, we would love to recommend booking a Fly-in Fishing Adventure as the welcome guest of Misaw Lake Lodge in remote Northern Saskatchewan. This is often some of the top Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling fishing in Canada and we guarantee it is certainly one of the most remote and exclusive. Misaw Lake Lodge is accessible only by air and also the Lodge offers spectacular lake vistas, along with some of the most comfy guest accommodations and hearty Fisherman’s meals in the industry.

You’ll be able to take off from Winnipeg or Saskatoon and be on the lake in one of the fully outfitted, Alumarine Lake boats within 4 hours. Before you know it, you’ll have your line within the water, wanting to entice a trophy Northern Pike before the tea is cooled down. This is top-notch fishing in every manner, form and size and we’ll fly you right to it.

Flying into Misaw Lake is one of the most spectacular sightseeing adventures one might probably experience. Trying across the scene of spectacular mountain ranges and raw country that has remained untouched for hundreds of years, the thriving ecosystems of forests, streams and lakes that boast some of the most unbelievable and exclusive fishing within the Northern hemisphere.

Once on the bottom, we’ll make sure you’re set up with the most effective equipment, and then you’ll be on the approach to the fish with one of our guides who understand each inch of these lakes. Our goal is to place fishermen on trophy fish, memorable fish in a ton of instances. Being attentive to the hum of the reel as a lunker trophy Pike or Trout peels of twenty yards of line may be a thrill we’re looking forward to sharing with all of our guests. Trophy catches like monster Northern Pike are pulled from these pristine lake waters year in and year out, along with the colorful and enthusiastic fighting Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout.

Since the primary pontoon plane set down decades ago fisherman have been taking flights to one of the 15 lakes we will access from the Misaw Lake Lodge. We continue to employ our lake planes on a regular basis and our guests notice the same excitement as always.

With our own private airstrip, we will currently fly fishermen to Misaw Lake Lodge in 3 hours direct from Winnipeg or Saskatoon. On your departing day, you’ll be back in your home town on the same day you leave the Lodge. Once you land here and hook into a spectacular Pike, Trout or Arctic Grayling, you’ll possibly realize it hard to leave, so we’re positive you’ll be returning back to visit us again. And we’ll be here, with the gear and your favorite guide at dockside and prepared to go.

Misaw Lake lodge is Saskatchewan’s most remote trophy fishing lodge. They are located 1000 mile north of the US border and they are famous for Uk marriage visa Canada Fly In Fishing experience. To know more information about Misaw Lake lodge visit their web site Uk marriage visa

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