Can Star Wars Monopoly Be More Than Just A Game For Your Family?

If you have any Star Wars fans in your home, they will likely welcome anything into your home that has even the slightest connection with their obsession. Star Wars Monopoly, with its numerous related editions, is another version of the game we all loved to play as kids. Looking back, we tend to remember the laughs and forget the competitive streak that it brought out as we battled to become the winner. Including the Star Wars theme, adds a little magical, moon dust to this family favorite.

In this day and age, most families spend more time juggling the demands of modern life and less time together as a family unit. People run around between home, work and school and try to fit in essential tasks like getting the groceries and doing the laundry in between all the madness. We find that we spend more time running past our family members, barking out information or orders, and less time actually talking. Do you remember the last time your family had a good laugh together? Sometimes we need to refocus and often it is something simple and obvious that can provide just the trigger we need. Could that trigger be a game of monopoly?

Now, first of all, a little about the game itself. Star Wars Monopoly, keeps all the same rules as the original game. There are a few completely optional Star Wars related rules that you can add in if you want, or if you have a real Star Wars fan in the family. The traditional game markers are replaced with characters from the movies, depending on the edition you choose, and the money has been transformed into Republic credits. Chance and community chest are replaced by Sith and Ransom. While you can still end up in jail, you get to buy settlements and cities in places such as the Imperial Palace or Yoda’s Hut. Some of the boards are 3D and all in all you get to spend a little time in outer space. I know sometimes we wish we could be really transported to another galaxy!

Modern lifestyles often leave us feeling like we are running on a treadmill that just doesn’t have a stop button. While it is often necessary to keep going just to ensure that your family has all the basics it needs to get by, it means that we unintentionally neglect to spend some actual quality time together. When there is time, there are often rows about home work and school grades to contend with.

Monopoly is a great way to get your kids to think about money and maths in a way that is practical and educational but without them feeling like it is a real pain. Kids get excited about working out if they can afford a property, counting out their money and even and getting to understand a little about value. Sometimes younger children will need a little help with the math but as long as you don’t make the mistake of introducing a calculator at the table, they will learn quickly and become more independent in their play.

These days children often misbehave, and can even become aggressive towards each other, as they vie for their parents attention. They will try anything just to get a reaction and this can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere in the home.

Making time on a regular basis to sit down as a family with an activity, such as a board game, can make life a lot easier in the long run. The game has rules to be followed and a structure that means that everybody needs to wait their turn to play. This teaches your kids to share and to respect each other. If a child is rebellious in the beginning, simply remove them from the action. Don’t reward their bad behavior with your attention. They will learn to play nice if they want to be part of the fun!

So Star Wars Monopoly does not come with a Brady Bunch transformer card and I am not sure that we would really want it to. But if you give it a regular time slot and put aside that time as family fun time, I think you will find that you can get so much more from it.

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