Can I Control House Centipedes Without Using Harmful Chemicals?

Centipede control is an art. If you think you can get rid of centipedes via mass killing (a.k.a. extermination), you’re in for a rude awakening. The article you are reading now is designed to open your eyes, and offer you the true secrets of effective (and permanent) house centipede control. Let’s start by addressing some common questions.

Firstly, you need to answer this question: What is the FASTEST way to eliminate centipedes from your home? There is nothing more frustrating than spraying insecticide all over your house (or worse, spending a bunch of money to hire someone else to do it for you) only to find those nasty centipedes back in action within the next week or two. We need them gone for good, and we need them gone NOW!

Perhaps an equally important question you ought to be asking is “Do I need to toxify my home in order to conrol centipedes?” Poison is poison. It’s no good for anyone, especially kids and pets. It amazes me how many people just automatically think they need to turn their homes into a toxic death trap in order to control their pest problems. If you don’t have to spray lethal chemicals all over your home (and as you’re about to learn, you don’t) then why would you?

This question is perhaps just as important as the first two. “Is this going to be expensive?” In my experience, it doesn’t have to be. However, if you’re going the traditional extermination route, chances are good that it will be, especially when you factor in that the results you will get with this type of centipede control are rarely permanent. This means shelling out more and more cash every time the creepy-crawlies return.

I would imagine that the answers to these questions will bring you to the conclusion that extermination is not the way to control house centipedes long term. If you’d like to pollute your home and blow your money for a brief stint of freedom, then be my guest. I personally chose not to go this route when my home was infested nearly a year ago. I learned from other people in my situation that extermination is a total waste of time and money.

Luckily another, far more powerful method of centipede control exists which is not only safe, permanent, and fast, but dirt cheap, if not free (depending upon what type of supplies you have lying around.) You can literally begin applying the techniques tonight and be totally centipede-free within a few short days! It is the most practical approach you could possibly take.

What we’re really looking to do here is solve the problem, and not just mask the symptoms. Centipedes are in your home because your home has something to offer them, period. So here’s the magic. Take that “something” away. This means cutting them off from their food, water, and safety (the little cracks and crevices throughout your home that the centipedes live, hide, and breed in.) This is so simple, yet so profound.

To control house centipedes, this course of action is far superior to extermination… in every way! A handful of specific changes to your home are all that is required to be rid of these freaky little critters once and for all. No big spending. No hazardous chemicals. No waiting for the centipedes to return.

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