Can I Buy Physical Gold Bars?

The scarcity, exquisiteness, and preciousness of gold, have contributed to its worth since ages. Due to its monetary value, it is vital for people and for worldwide economies. Gold can be purchased in diverse forms such as coins, nuggets, jewellery, and bars. These are primarily purchased due to their intrinsic splendour, while the purchase of solid bars is exclusively meant for saving purposes.

Everyone is now conscious of the swiftly growing global credit and banking catastrophe; and the collapse of the universal monetary systems. Most of us are apprehensive about inflation that is taking up our well-deserved reserves; the stock market collapse; and the devaluation in the housing bubble that has devastated our home worth.

Gold is a safe haven during the price hike of commodities and decline in the value of international currencies. If you desire to invest your money in a valuable and risk free commodity, then purchasing physical gold bars is the best option. There are many companies that produce these refined gold bars, such as: Credit Suisse, Johnson, Monex, Kitco, Blanchard, Matthey and Engelhard. The stamp bearing the name, composition and weight of the original manufacturer can be seen on the gold bars.

Gold is a high priced metal, and investing in it will require a huge amount of money. Before you take the step of investing in physical gold bars, you need to be familiar with the terms, the conditions and the procedure. If you are purchasing gold bars, you need to have a look at the previous trends on which it had been trading. You also need to have a good gold dealer who is authorised and certified. You can acquire gold bars from the internet as well as from the local bullion market.

The standard of the gold bar can be ascertained through the product name of the goldsmith, gross mass in Troy ounces, purity percentage, and sequential number of the bar. They have a regular purity of 99.99 percent, for 24k gold bars.

The gold bars are generally classified into two types. The classification is based on their respective manufacturing methods. Gold bars come in forms such as cast gold bars and minted gold bars. The cast gold bars are produced directly by transforming the molten gold into bars. The casting process is followed by the essential gold markings. The other type of bars is produced by cutting the gold blanks. The cutting process is then followed by stamping of gold with the name, weight and purity, through minting press.

Along with the profitable attributes of gold, there are some shortcomings related to the buying of the physical gold bars. The primary concern is the storage of gold bars. In case of the superior gold bars, it has to be hoarded in the bonded vaults, absolutely available for the protection of gold possessions. One can also invest in small bars as an alternative to the larger ones.

Thus, putting money in physical gold is a wise investment. Seeing the rapid rise in the value of the gold, its value is predicted to be doubled in the next few years. So, you can definitely avail this sophisticated and safer mean of investment.

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