Calorie RestrictedDiets Increase Lifespans

In recent years, there’s been a lot of buzz in the news about the low calorie diet. While this form of diet has always existed for the sake of losing weight and looking fit, a new theory has emerged and picked up steam during the course of the last decade.

It is being suggested that the low calorie diet will somehow make life span longer. This claim comes with different studies that were done that could possibly prove this to be true.

Basically, if the body gets close to being really starved, then a substance called resveratrol is going to become effective and essentially be in control of the body.

Resveratrol is already in red wine and some say it actually makes the process of aging go slower. Having said that, folks who live on the lower calorie diets really do have the ability to add to their life span.

There is no definite amount of increase, but 50% longer than what is regular for them is what the results were with lab rats. Spectacular and fabulous are what these results are, particularly when they are put up next to the usual increases from different treatments.

It could all be related to the instinct that is there naturally and takes effect when we are feeling desperate. The resveratrol reaction could simply be how our body fights back in those needy times.

No matter what it might be, always talk to your doctor first prior to starting this type of diet, if you find it to your liking.

Doing so without the endorsement of your doctor, and doing it without the proper nutrition (all low calorie diets of the sort absolutely must be packed with the vital nutrients), could put your body at risk.

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