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The DUI Attorney Suffolk can help you in your time of need. If you are charged with driving under the influence, you should hire a lawyer to represent you. One reason you need to have an experienced lawyer on your side is because you have to deal with the department of motor vehicles.

You will have to deal with the criminal charge of course, but you will also have to deal with the department of motor vehicles. Your license will be suspended automatically when you are charged with DUI. This suspension is separate from the criminal proceeding. The experienced DUI lawyer knows how to work within the system of the department of motor vehicles.

The motor vehicles department will decide whether to suspend your license outright or to simply limit your driving privilege. They might allow you to drive to and from work or to and from school. They might decide that you can attend driving school and have your license reinstated upon your completion of the course.

You want you license reinstated as soon as possible of course. You not want to have to ride your bike around town. You need to hire an attorney who can present your case in the most favorable light.

As far as the criminal proceeding is concerned, choose a lawyer who knows all the defenses to your charge. The police for instance cannot legally pull you over without a reasonable basis. The policeman will have to testify in court and be cross examined by your lawyer as to why you were stopped.

There is not laws that state you cannot weave within the white lines. Unless you were weaving and crossing the lines, the officer had no right to stop you.

You may have seen signs on the road encouraging drivers to report drunk drivers. Although this might be a good idea to keep the roads safe, the police cannot rely on these reports to pull people over. You cannot be pulled over legally based on an anonymous call.

If you were stopped because someone reported you, there might be a defense to your DUI arrest. The police cannot use an anonymous report to stop drivers. These are only two of the many defenses available to you. Call your lawyer to discuss your case to see if there other defenses that might apply to your situation.

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