Cafe World – How To Create The Best Menu

The central idea of Cafe World is to offer the best menu for your guests and customers. Pleasing them will make them come back to your restaurant which in turn raises your cafe ratings. High ratings will help you earn much cafe coins. The meaning of the perfect menu in Cafe World is not precise. Consequently, you ought to give time in researching on how you can make the best out of your present menu that will satisfy your customers. Instead of cooking dishes based upon your personal choice of what you love to eat, the idea is to serve those that sell well and be paid you money that you can expend on upgrades.

Schedule and Time

First and foremost, you should take note of your schedule when choosing what food to cook and serve in your cafe. There are numerous dishes wherein you can pick from and they have varied cooking time needed. For example, some can be cooked in five minutes while others call for one or two days. Therefore, you can pick a dish that requires one or two days and leave them to cook. Meaning, you do not have to check and log in to Cafe World all the time. On the other hand, if your schedule allows you to login one or two times a day, you need to look at what dishes will benefit you the most.

Keep in mind however that if you fail to serve the food that is already cooked, it will either be burned or spoiled. When that occurs, you lose money on wasted food so you need to login in as soon as the food is done. When food is spoiled you have to spend money for cleaning it up which would not be the case if it is served.

Serving Quantity

The dishes in Cafe World, aside from having various cooking times, have numerous numbers of servings in one cooking. It is recommended that you think about how much money you can make from the dish before it is gone. Take into account that you only have so many serving tables and if you cook too many types of food, there will not be a place to put them. Before the new ones can be served the old ones will have to be eaten up.

You will need to recognize how much money you will earn from each serving and then subtract the total cost per serving to determine your profits. Let’s say that each serving earns you 12 coins and every two hours, you are provided with ten servings of that dish then you are earning 60 coins per hour. This is not the real price of the dishes – nearly all of them are lower. This is just to show you how to figure your earnings per hour.

To recap, the menu you pick depends on your personal timetable and how much you can earn with each dish. You can meet your goals in Cafe World in no time if you master these skills.

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