Business Telephone Systems – Advice For Buyers

Making the right choice when choosing a telephone system is a big decision for your business. There are some important considerations to keep in mind as you shop for a new system.

System Capacity – The first thing you need to think about is the size of the business you need to provide for. The majority of telephone systems will be able to provide 24 extensions and 12 incoming lines, although if you start off with a smaller telephone system it will not be transferable to a larger system. This means if you intend to increase the size of your business you will need to make sure you get a system that is able to keep up with the growth.

Direct Lines – For any business that will need direct lines for their staff you will need to make sure you get an ISDN compatible system. This allows you to use direct dialing and see caller ID, the primary number will be shown no matter what line is picked up or for transferred calls. ISDN is available in almost every country.

Voicemail – If you need voicemail, consider investing in a telephone system that has voicemail for each handset. Voicemail can be connected for each direct line. You should verify the voicemail features such as the number of messages it will store, whether messages can be transferred or forwarded to cell phone numbers or email accounts.

The Handset – Another thing to consider is which handsets you wish to use with your new system. Each system will undoubtedly come with standard handsets, although you will be able to pay more for upgrades. You may be able to make do with the standard options but if you want more features or better quality and more stylish handsets you will need to pay more. It may be worth looking into an upgrade because you will be using these handsets for some time and with a greater amount of features it could make things a lot easier, or you may wish simply to have handsets that look more stylish within your business offices.

Installation – The final thing to consider is the installation process. The company from which you purchase the system upgrade will likely install the system as part of their package, although you can hire a different company to do it for you if you wish. This is not an area to scrimp on because no matter how good the system is you purchase if it is installed in an amateurish fashion it will not work as you need it. The best option is to make sure whoever installs the system will carry out a good job and provide your business with exactly what you need.

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